Lee Saerom (fromis_9)

Lee Saerom

Name: Lee Saerom(이새롬)

Birth date: January 7th 1997

Blood type: B

Body: 164cm, 42kg

Position: Leader, Sub-vocal, Sub-rapper, Lead-dancer

Motto:  Happiness is a habit. Take it with you.

Instagram: _leesaerom

Lee Saerom is a member of the girl group from the TV show Idol School, fromis_9, and has strong dance skills, mature and cute charms. She is leading the team with a gentle leadership as the oldest sister. Unlike ordinary idol groups, the name Captain is used instead of the name Leader. She was the youngest in her home and in her trainee years, so she felt burdened at first by thinking that she was not old enough to lead the team. So she tried hard to hide her weak appearance. It is said that she feels uncomfortable when she has to say something unpleasant to the members due to the leader’s agony. So she rather says, “Let’s cheer up a little bit. Please”.

Hush from Idol School

Lee Saerom had always dreamed of becoming an idol, but failed to prepare for the start of a shopping mall. She used to be a fitting model to help her friend who runs a shopping mall, then she thought she’d enjoy it even if it becomes a job. But in the meantime, she was cast in the Idol School and even made her debut.

Lee Saerom Self-Cam

Fans say that Lee Saerom looks like Pokemon Charmander lol. You can check it in this video.

Lee Saerom in Dancing 9

She likes to move her body, so she likes almost all kinds of sports. When she has time, she enjoys playing tennis, badminton, swimming, bowling, etc. In the show “Guess fromis_9”, she picked leg stretching as the action that she might do best among members of the group.

Lee Saerom in Star King

Before her debut, Lee Saerom appeared on SBS Star King, as a similar looking person to a Korean movie star Han Chae-young. She danced very well at that time too.

In Idol Star Athletics Championships

In this video she is waiting for the shoot of the Idol Star Athletics Championshipsprogram, you can see her lovely everyday appearance, playing a joke with the members.

Lee Saerom in Gourmet Road

Lee Saerom likes a healthy taste or healthy activity. Unlike other members who made memories in Seoul on Chuseok(Korean thanks giving), she spent Chuseok in nature. Also, when she drinks at a cafe, she usually order a drink like Omija-cha.

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