Lee Know (Stray Kids)

Lee Know

Real Name: 이민호 

Birth date: October 25th 1998

Constellation: Scorpio

Blood Type: O

Agency: JYP Entertainment

Group: Stray Kids

Position: Vocal, Main dancer

Hobby: Reading, Watching movie

Moto: Eat well, live well.

Dancing jewelry Lee Know was the last member to join the team with the shortest trainee period of the nine members. But he had the most outstanding career because he was a backup dancer of BTS. His dancing technic is the best among Stray kids. Before his debut, he even performed in BTS’s Japan concert. After attending a guest show at a dance event, he was casted and joined JYP on July 15, 2017.

Lee Know had a dream of becoming a singer while working as a backup dancer. At first, he felt like it was too late, but soon forced himself to practice because he thought there was no other way but to practice harder.

Lee Know as a backup dancer of BTS

In this video you can see Lee Know before his debut as a backup dancer for BTS. He was also handsome back then, and of course, his dancing skills are not to mention.

Fan Meeting in Shinchon

He claims himself to be having a quiet character, but other members say Lee Know has lots of intensive child cuteness.

Fan Meeting in Incheon

In the end of the video, the MC says “Lee Know dance!” and he shows his special moves.

Hellevator Lee Know focus

Stray Kids’ Performance at Cheonggye Plaza on 180526.

YAYAYA Lee Know focus

Also in the same performance at Cheonggye Plaza

Minho(Lee Know)’s Way of speaking

Fans especially love him for his way of talking because he sounds cute when speaking. In this video you can also see him teaching dance to other members.

My Pace

Lee Know has been raising two cats, Soon-i and Dung-i, for seven years. It has been mentioned in the album “Thanks to,” every time. He received Dung-i from an acquaintance, and Soon-i was an abandoned street cat and he brought her to raise since.

Get Cool

Lee Know performing in their fan meeting on 181103 at Yeongdeungpo. His wearing pickets saying “이민호 존잘(Lee Minho Super Handsome)” lol.

Yayaya Lee Know focus

Let’s enjoy Lee Know’s yayaya performance at Woonhyeon Music Festival.

Lee Know focus on a Mini Fan Meeting

Lovely Lee Know at the mini fan meeting on 181027. He seems cold.

He chose “law of the jungle” and “radio star” as his favorite TV programs he really wants to appear in.

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