Kim Sang Gyun (JBJ / JBJ95)

Kim Sang Gyun

Birth date: May 23th 1995

Blood type: O

Position: Rap


Kim Sang Gyun debuted in 2013 with the mini album Dog’s Out as a member of Top Dog (now Xeno-T), but left early 2017 to participate in Produce 101 season 2. The stage name at this time was Astro Boy. After the show, he was a member of JBJ for seven months from October 2017 to April 2018, and on July 7, 2018, he declared that he will form a team with Takada Kenta who is the same aged member of JBJ. On August 17, 2018, on V app live, he named the team that will work with Takada Kenta as JBJ95.

He lost a lot of weight because he was stressed too much during Produce 101. After the end of the contest, Kim Sang Gyun found that he actually liked the look more and decided not to regain weight. He is known to be very emotional, but is good at controlling his personality. He says that the hard part of his trainee years was not having enough jajangmyeon.

Here is a collection of Kim Sang Gyun’s part in the song My Flower. If you want to see his charm at a glance, let’s watch this video.

This is Kim Sang Gyun’s charming appearance at the Barefoot Diva OST fan meeting. He is so cute with all kinds of cute hats that fans gave. When fans present a gift, he immediately tries them all in front of them

If you want to find out how Kim Sang Gyun looks at a drinking party, this is the video you would like. He says he can drink three bottles of soju. It is quite a lot. It’s also cute to see how well he picks a beer bottle with a spoon.

The hottest killing part his fans love in his performance is the part his singing “you are my flower”. This is a video clip that only edits the part. If you want to see Kim Sang Gyun’s charm repeatedly, check this video.

Here is a video of his attractions colected. You can also see his abs.

As you can see from the video above, Kim Sang Gyun’s also works out hard in his spare moments. Let’s check out his exercise in this clip.

Unlike his manly appearance, Kim Sang Gyun is surprisingly easily surprised. In the first scene in guessing game, he takes dim sum as a snake. In the second scene, he is surprised by the moving camera. And there is also a ghost surprise cam lol. Let’s check out the cute figure in this clip. Watch out the ghost!

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