Real name: Lee Junyoung(이준영)

Birth date: January 22th 1997

Height: 184cm

Hobby: Bowling, Soccer

Agency: NH EMG

Group: U-KISS, UNB

Position: Main rapper, Main vocal

Instagram: ukiss_jun97

JUN is the youngest and rapper of boy group U-KISS. When the U-KISS member AJ quit for studying in 2014, he joined the team as a new member of the U-KISS after audition and debuted as a singer at the age of 18. He also is an actor and when he acts, he uses his real name, Lee Junyoung.

In February 2018, he won the “Idol Rebooting Project: The Unit” Final, and became a project group UNB. On April 7, 2018, he made his debut with the first UNB mini album.

K-Star Concert – After the Rain

In this vidoe you can see his beautiful face line. When JUN was young, he dreamed of becoming a master of martial arts, and when he was in middle school, he was interested in dancing and prepared to be a dancer. However, his parents were against being a dancer, and he changed his career path because they encouraged him to be a singer instead.

K-Star Concert

UNB performing “Feeling”.

Although he was a trainee at another company, he had many ups and downs with his debut just before his debut. “I almost gave up on my dream of becoming a singer before my debut. If I had not become a U-KISS, I still would have been dancing hard.” he said on V-app.

Wherever You Are in Osaka

JUN singing “Wherever You Are” in Osaka Japan. There is a tear dot in the lower right eye.

Black Heart JUN focus

JUN likes to cook. According to UNB members, he is in charge of cooking at the dorm. Pictures of cooking and finished cooking are often posted on his social networking sites. His dream is to take a food truck and travel around the country.

He always seems very confident and skilled on stage, but at the beginning of this video, you can see his nervous face before the performance begins. It shows how much he takes it seriously.

UNB Only One JUN focus

UNB busking in Hongdae.

UNB Feeling JUN focus

UNB busking in Shinchon. Even in the middle of his busy schedule, he often paints with the help of FeelDog, who majored in art. It is said to be a hobby found as a way to relieve stress.

UNB Only One JUN focus

UNB busking in Shinchon

At Time Square

JUN at the guerrilla contest in the TV show “The Unit”.

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