Hyunjin (Stray Kids)


Real name: Hwang Hyunjin(황현진)

Birth date: March 20th 2000

Constellation: Pisces

Height: 179cm

Blood type: B

Group: Stray Kids

Agency: JYP Entertainment

Position: Rap, Dance

Hyunjin is a member of the nine-member group, Stray Kids, which debuted on March 25, 2018. He is in charge of rap, dance and visual for the Stray Kids. In the second mini album, I am WHO, he was also in charge of vocal parts in some songs. In the song BBUM BBUM which SBS Inkigayo program’s one-time event group INGAZ performed, Hyunjin was also part of a vocal part.

Originally, he was not a good dancer. While practicing with passion for dancing, he heard similar words such as “You can go with the visual” and “Why do you practice when you look that good?” However, he practiced harder and became a main dancer because of his passion.

Hyunjin at Fan Meeting on a cold day.

While at the fan meeting, he seems really cold. But in the video he says to his fans that he is not cold at all, and it is so hot here.

KBS Open Concert Rehearsal

Hyunjin performing their song “District9” in the black sweatsuit. If you want to check how he prepares the performance before the actual concert, this is the one you want to check out. 

MY PACE Hyunjin focus

In addition to the powerful dance on stage, the members of the Stray Kids admire Hyunjin’s facial expressions. There is a movement he does on stage every time, which he stabs the sky with his both index fingers and it became his own gesture. You can check it at 0:58 of the video.

Hellevator Hyunjin focus

Hyunjin has a strong desire for dancing. Although JYP Entertainment did not ask him to transfer to an arts high school, he transferred to Seoul Performing Arts High School because he wanted to learn the choreography that he did not learn from his agency. He usually dances Urban dance, and when he does freestyle dance, he dances hip-hop dance he learned from his high school friends.

Hyunjin in the Fan Meeting at Yongsan

Check out his cute facial expressions while he is not singing. And of course he is handsome.

Hyunjin at Idol Star Athletics Championships

Idol Star Athletics Championships is a Korean TV show where many Idol groups compete with their athletic abilities. If you want to see him running hard, check this video. He is participating in a relay race. 

Dance Collection

From 1:00 of the video you can check Hyunjin’s all kinds of charming dances. BTW, he lived in Las Vegas for a while when he was in a kindergarten. And he once said if he had not become a member of Stray Kids, he would have become an interior designer.

Hyunjin’s Surprise Birthday Party

Stray Kids members celebrate Hyunjin’s birthday in their company. He likes cake and cannot eat onions, carrots, or eggplant. Also, he can’t eat spicy food well.

Hyunjin’s Attraction Collection

Check out his charms here! At the intro of the video, he is saying that he is going for a picnic tomorrow, and at the end of the video, he says “Aww.. I look so ugly”.

Hyunjin in MAMA 2018

Check out his great moves in MAMA 2018. You don’t want to miss it if you are Hyunjin’s fan. Jinyoung of GOT7 is said to be Hyunjin’s role model. Because he sings well, dances well, and acts well.

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