HaSeul (LOONA)


Real name: Cho Haseul(조하슬)

Birth date: August 18th 1997

Blood type: O

Debut date: December 15th 2016

Position: Leader, Vocal

Symbol: White bird, Green

HaSeul is the third member of LOONA which was unveiled on December 8, 2016 and the leader of the whole group. She majored in voice so her voice is quite good and the range is wide, delivering high-pitched sound easily. The sound is very clear and also good at singing. She is the main vocal in the unit(LOONA 1/3) and a vocalist in the whole group.

HaSeul has a cute and round face, similar to YeoJin like siblings. Though she has inner double eyelids, they are hardly visible so it looks like she has no double eyelid. Her face is generally simple and clean and her style varies greatly depending on the style of her make-up. In addition to this unique and clean face, she has a bright and caring personality. So there are a lot of fans who are attracted to it.

Haseul in Radio Station

You can see HaSeul’s cute appearance as a guest on a radio show. It’s so cute she puts a sticker on her hair!

Big Hope Concert

LOONA 1/3’s performance of Sonatine at the Big Hope Concert. Haseul’s pure charm stands out even more in this stage. BTW she spent only three months as a trainee before her debut.

Haseul & YeoJin

This is a video that shows YeoJin and HaSeul’s chemistry. LOONA went to Taiwan for filming and HaSeul keeps look after YeoJin who went for the first time abroad. Looks adorable.

Leader Haseul

Before their debut, the judges asked if there is any member who was worried that they might not be able to make their debut together. Leader HaSeul said that she thinks they are already working together as a group, was a pleasure to be together and there is no worrying member. When HaSeul starts answering, her shivering voice shows how much she thinks of the members and is touching.

The Law of Creation CF

HaSeul in the advertisement of a game “The Law of Creation”! It’s a short video, but she looks good on the character. She says a man like her father is an ideal type and she values an open mind when she meets people.

Love & Live 

This video shows the innocent image of the gorgeous vocal queen
HaSeul. The white bird is her symbolic animal, but actually, she is afraid of the bird. She says she likes dogs, and she is actually raising one.

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